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Choosing the Best Bedroom Design for your Home

A good night’s sleep is the key to getting the most out of our days. But a big part of a good night’s sleep is our bedrooms. To ensure your sleep isn’t cut short, you need a bedroom design that helps you relax and unwind.

But there isn’t one best bedroom design for your home. After all, every house and every family are different. Homes have different layouts and styles, and people have different needs.

Read on to discover some vital tips to help you create the perfect, unique bedroom design for your home.

Create the Best Bedroom Design for your Home, Step by Step

Light and Colour

Before thinking about what to put in your bedroom, start to think about the room itself. Do you have lots of natural light? Perhaps choose light, neutral colours. Do your windows face north? Then consider warmer tones to make up for the lack of sunlight.

Colour goes a long way in creating an atmosphere: it can make a room feel warmer, brighter and even larger. But try to keep things simple. A single shade, or a couple of tones of the same colour, will keep things subdued and relaxed.

Layout and Space

After perfecting your colour and natural lighting, it’s time to focus on your layout. The layout is one of the most vital parts of bedroom design for the home.

As the focus of the bedroom is sleeping, firstly decide on a spot for your bed. Larger rooms can accommodate the bed in the centre of the room, whereas in smaller spaces it may lie against a wall. With the bed in place, you can begin to work in other furniture around it. No matter the style you’re going for, you should aim to leave about 30 inches around your bed for a roomy, tidy feeling.

Fitting Furniture

Next, you’ll want to think about furniture. Dressing tables, bedside tables, drawers, and cupboards. Each of these serves a practical purpose from morning until evening.

However, you may soon find yourself short on space. Squeeze too much into your bedroom and you can end up with a crowded space that undoes all your hard work. So, when placing furniture, take care to keep things airy, and give yourself plenty of storage space. But how can you do this in your bedroom? With the help of bespoke design.

Bespoke Bedrooms from Jane Cheel Furniture

How can you bring more into your bedroom whilst saving on space? It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s the idea at the heart of our bespoke bedrooms.

Bespoke furniture is designed and built to fit around the unique shape and awkward gaps in your home. This ensures that not an inch of space goes to waste, freeing up more room in the bedroom for living.

Keep your clothing in a bespoke modern wardrobe, and find a dressing table that seamlessly flows with your wall. Bespoke design keeps your space clean, open and airy with sophisticated storage.

Jane Cheel Furniture’s bespoke service will guide you from start to finish on your bedroom design journey. From an initial home consultation, through to the planning, manufacturing, and installation of your new bedroom, we keep your needs in mind.

For a bedroom you can take pride in, begin the design process by getting in touch with us today.